Benefits of a Pre-Paid Legal Plan

I am an independent associate for Pre-Paid Legal Services. I have been in the business for just over 4 years. I have used the plan myself several times and am very satisfied with the services I have received. One incident I will tell you about was when I bought a car from a car lot that I drove for about a week when the transmission started to slip. I called the dealer and he basically told me tough. You bought it as is. I called the state and was advised the same thing. I stopped by the dealer again and presented him with a business card and advised him I was turning the matter over to my provider law firm and left. The next day he called me and gave me a check for the amount of the repairs. That alone was enough to have paid for my membership for over three years. I never would have called a lawyer about this if I didn’t have the service. They would have charged me a large amount of money and told me the same thing the dealer and the state told me. But because I had the service, the ability and confidence to use it, I prevailed. I urge anyone that has ever had a legal issue and couldn’t afford proper justice to go to my website and look around. Watch the videos read the content, email me with any questions you may have. I am also always looking for people to mentor and help succeed as Independent Associates. In these days of rising unemployment and uncertain times, it is a great way to supplement or even replace an income. Here are some of the benefits of being a Pre-Paid Legal Services member.

Legal Consultation and Advice:
You can call your attorney for everyday issues or important issues without getting a bill. Get answers on your personal, business and pre-existing conditions.

Letters and phone calls:
Get a letter or a phone call placed on your behalf on any subject matter.

Contract and document review:
Your law firm will review an unlimited number of contracts or documents (up to 10 pages) including one business document per year.

Will Preperation:
Your membership provides you with a standard will that will meet most Americans’ needs, with yearly reviews and updates at no charge. You may also receive a Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney at no additional charge if they are prepared at the same time as your will.

Motor Vehicle Legal Services:
Your provider law firm will assist you and your covered family members with traffic violations at no additional cost. Get help with traffic tickets without worrying about the cost of representation.

Major Legal Expenses:
Your provider law firm will defend you or your covered family member if you are charged with Manslaughter, Involuntary Manslaughter, Negligent Homicide, or Vehicular Manslaughter at NO additional cost.

Plus: Up to 2.5 hours for help with:
Damage Recovery Services
Drivers license assistance
Personal injury legal services

Trial Defense Services:

Receive up to 60 hours of your provider law firms time you first year of membership if you or your spouse are named as a defendant or respondent in a covered civil or criminal action filed in court.

Plus: Your defense services trial and pre-trial time increases each year you are a member up to 295.5 hours in your fifth membership year.

IRS Audit Services:
Receive up to 50 hours of your provider law firms time if you receive a written notice of an IRS audit or are requested to appear at IRS offices regarding your tax return.

Plus (as if that wasn’t enough) You get a 25% discount off of your provider law firms standard rate if you need legal services that are not otherwise covered by your plan benefits. Should you need to retain an attorney for more extensive representation, you can rest easier knowing you’ll receive the services of a quality, reputable law firm at a significant discount.

You will get a personalized membership card for each covered member of your family with a membership number and a toll free number to reach your provider law firm for legal advice. You can also access the law firm 24 hours a day for emergency situations.

The members of your family that are covered under one membership include:

Your spouse
Never married dependent children under 21 still living at home
Never married dependent full time college students up to 23 years old
Physically or mentally challenged dependent children living at home

All for the same low price.

Now I ask you. How can you beat all of this for less than a dollar a day. I would be willing to bet anyone reading this article, if you were to call any law office and ask how much of a retainer they would charge to provide all of these services listed above, they would charge you a very large amount of money. Much more than a dollar a day. Thank you for reading and let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you.